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Cootie Catcher Instructions

Author: Creative Teaching Press

How to Fold

Fold an X

1. Carefully cut along the outline of the square. Fold and unfold the square in half diagonally in both directions to make two creases that form an X.

Fold in Half

4. Fold the square in half, making a rectangle. Unfold and fold in half the opposite direction, making a rectangle.

Corners touch the center

2. Place the paper facedown, and then fold each of the four corners in so that their points touch the center.

Fingers under the flaps

5. Slide both index fingers and thumbs under the four flaps.

Fold corners again

3. Turn the paper over so the flaps are facedown. Again, fold each of the four corners in so their points touch the center.

Pinch to form point

6. Use your thumbs and index fingers to pinch the top corners together and form a point. You are ready to play.

How to Play

  1. Choose a number from one to five.
  2. Open and close the cootie catcher (front to back and then sideways) as many times as the number selected.
  3. Choose one of the four questions shown inside and answer it.
  4. Lift the flap on which the question is written and check the answer.
  5. Continue playing in the same way until all eight questions have been answered.

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