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Tweeting Birds


Size: 10 inches 4 ounces
Color: Assorted

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Decoratives : Accent : Jumbo

CTP6247 — Creative Teaching Press Inc

Spread the word and decorate with these adorably sweet tweeting birds! These versatile jumbo cut-outs are perfect for enhancing bulletin boards, rooms, hallways, and common areas! Great for crafting projects, displaying photos and work, making covers for books, holiday and seasonal decorating, and more!

  • 4 each of 3 designs
  • 12 pieces per package
  • Approx. 10" x 10"
  • Acid-free
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Mother Nature is blossoming all around. Bring the beauty of spring inside your classroom, storefront, or office with help from The Learning Bug.

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available in 2 sizes

Parts of Speech Game

A board game helps students learn to identify parts of speech

Author: Linda Janetski

  1. Create a game board on half a sheet of poster board. Label each square with parts of speech like noun, adverb, preposition, and so forth.
  2. Write sentences on the back of several accents, or print them out from your computer and glue them on to the accents. Place thse face-down in the center of the board.
  3. On each player's turn, they roll a dice and count forward the corresponding number of spaces on the game board. Next the player draws a card from the pile in the center of the board and reads the sentence out loud.
  4. In order to move forward to the space, the student must correctly identify the part of speech within the sentence. A player must remain at their current space if they do not identify the part of speech correctly.
  5. The first player to reach the finish wins the game.

It's easy to modify this game for other language arts skills. Have students edit sentences for punctuation. Each accent would have a few sentences to let the students practice the placement of commas, semicolons, or other punctuation.

  • Used in this tip:
  • sheet of Poster board
  • Dice
  • Game pieces (pawns)
  • Accents
  • Markers or pencils
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