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Four-Pan Algebra Balance

Grades 3 and Up

Four-Pan Algebra Balance


Size: Large 2 pounds, 4 ounces

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Math : Algebra

LER7545 — Learning Resources

Unlike any other balance, this one makes it possible to physically show that -1 is less than 0. Weights placed on the outer pans represent negative integers and those placed in the inner pans represent positive integers. When you place a weight in each pan on one side of the center post, the balance remains level as (-1) + (+1) = 0. Great for small group work, the balance comes with two plastic pans, four plastic canisters, a set of plastic weights and a Teacher's Booklet.

Some assembly required.

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I Can Make Patterns!

Use All About Me Family Counters to explore patterns

Author: The Learning Bug

Use All About Me Family Counters to model and complete the following pattern types:

  • A-B
  • A-B-C
  • A-A-B
  • A-B-B
  • A-B-B-C
  • Make Your Own

An additional sheet encourages young learners to describe their own family and that of a friend. Identify similarities and difference between families.

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All About Me Family Counters
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